Local football coach rescues boy from drowning


PANAMA CITY BEACH, Florida (WDEF) – What started out as a typical vacation day at Panama City Beach for Central High School Head Football Coach Curt Jones quickly turned into a moment of danger.

“I have no doubt that I was there at the right time for the right reason,” Coach Jones said.

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On Monday morning, Jones was getting ready for the day on the beach when he noticed there was a double red flag out.

He also noticed a young boy running in and out of the water.

“He would go back over and run to his mother, and his mother was holding an infant at the time and so this carried on back and fourth the whole time I was sitting there and setting up,” Coach Jones said.

Then the boy went out to waist deep water.

“I guess a rip tide or undertow grabbed him and it just like started taking him out and so immediately, without hesitation I just jumped up and I just went running into the water and started swimming,” Coach Jones said.

He was able to get the boy safely back to shore.

What many people may forget while on vacation are that beaches have warning flags.

When there is a double red flag out, the water is closed to the public.

Something Jones wants folks to be aware of.

“If you get on the beach and you see a double red flag don’t put yourself or put a child in that situation by allowing them to get in the water,” Coach Jones said.

As for the rescue, Coach Jones said he was just doing what he’d want another to do if they saw his child in the same situation.