Summer Camp feeds children who need a lunch


CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – According to Feed America, one in five children in Tennessee struggles with hunger.

So what do kids who depend on school lunches do during the summer?

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News 12’s Danielle Moss has the details.

The Summer Camp Lunch program provides lunch and breakfast for 1,400 kids across Chattanooga.

This is the largest number of children that they have seen in three years.

Meals are delivered daily to some 17 different camps in the local area.

KINNAWA KAITIBI/CHATTANOOGA YOUTH AND FAMILY DEVELOPMENT-” What the YFD program, what we do is we base ours decision off the need of the community. So, if there are kids that may need a little more nourishment, then of course, we are more than happy to give them extra lunches as well.”

All kids that attend summer camps at any of the centers can participate in the summer lunch camp program.

If kids are not enrolled in camp but have gone to the center throughout the year, there may be a chance for them to get lunch as well.

” The kids that maybe come to the centers throughout the year, and maybe just pop in and out, we do still provide them with a lunch if they are hungry or anything like that. We usually try to make sure that we have enough for, or more than enough for our kids that are attending so that there are extra lunches that are able to be distributed if extra kids come in.”

The Chattanooga Youth and Development department wants to make sure that children who need food are fed.

Summer camp registration was from April to May and camp began in June.

Camp is free for anyone in the Hamilton County area.

In Chattanooga, Danielle Moss News 12 Now.