Red Wolves Steven Beattie Earns Player of the Week Honors After Hat Trick


Chattanooga-(WDEF-TV) The Chattanooga Red Wolves Steven Beattie has been named the USL League One player of the week. Kind of a no-brainer since he scored the hat trick Saturday in Chattanooga’s 3-2 win over Greenville. With the hat trick, Beattie is now third in the league in scoring with six goals on the year.

Steve Beattie scored two quick goals on Saturday, and then the match was delayed nearly two hours by rain, making Beattie nervous.

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Said Beattie: “I seen lightning and was like oh please because if the game gets stopped. First off you have to start again at zero-zero. My two goals would be gone. So
I was saying a couple of prayers on that.”

Beattie’s prayers were answered. He got his third goal, which proved to be the game winner.

Said Beattie: “They say there’s a perfect hat trick. It’s a famous football quote. Left foot. Right foot. Header. I was lucky to get that. I didn’t know until afterwards when I looked back at the goals.”

Said head coach Tim Hankinson: “It’s hard enough to score one goal, and when you score one, we all celebrate with that player, the team, and the fans. But scoring three is a magical night, and Beattie certainly gave that to us.”

Reporter: “What makes him so dangerous out there?”

Said midfielder Conor Doyle: “Probably just his soccer IQ. His movement. His knowledge of the game, and his ability to get into spots where he’s dangerous and can get shots off and score his goals.”

When you get 3 goals in a match, it’s like you’re playing a video game. And guess who is featured as player in one of FIFA’s video games.

Said Beattie: “It’s nice. You still get messages from kids all over the world that you won their game, and they are delighted to tell you that. You won their game of FIFA for them.”

Reporter:”Is it a computer image of you?”

Said Beattie: “It’s a full image yes. It’s very close yeah. They actually send someone out to the games, so they have the same football boots that you are wear. I wear white tape on my left wrist. They have that in the game. The only bad part is they have your stats. Some of your stats aren’t great, so there’s no escaping that with millions of people looking.” (chuckles)

If only the video game could mimic Beattie’s personality.

Said Hankinson: “He’s got an Irish personality that smiles from ear-to-ear. He has got some of the best one-liners in the locker room to keep the players laughing and to keep it light.”

The Red Wolves are back home on Saturday to entertain Richmond at 7pm.