What’s Right With Our Schools: Red Day volunteers


CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Some local businesses are joining forces to makeover parts of Howard High School.

They gathered at the school back in May for what’s called a Red Day event.

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That’s where they talked about the work on the outside cafe, the hallways and the alumni hall of fame.

News 12’s David Moore takes on campus for this week’s edition of What’s Right With Our Schools.

DR. LEANDREA WARE/ Howard Pinciple: Today we are so thrilled that we have like over 150 to 200 guests here on our campus with us it’s the Keller Williams Realty and Company they have all of these people here that are dedicated passionate about just you define our
campus for our students.

“They’ve come out to invest their time their efforts and their energy just to make this place an inviting place for our teachers. And our students and we’re so thrilled to have them here today. I tell the kids all the time we have to take care of what we have because of course you know money can be scarce and we don’t always know when we’ll get more. But what’s most important is being diligent about taking care of what we have and letting these
great people know that we appreciate them coming in and investing this kind of time and effort and energy into our school.”

AUBREY LARUE/ Keller Williams Realtor: “Red day it is one of Keller Williams favorite days of the year. Keller Williams like nationwide shuts down all their offices and takes a day to volunteer. And the motto is give where you live and since we just moved to the
south side area of town, we wanted to put our efforts there. We used to work with Chambliss and it was wonderful and I know our East Brainerd office is there right now. But we wanted to… to invest our time, our money, our efforts somewhere close to us.”

ALI ROBINSON/Keller Williams Realtor: “We chose Howard high school because so many times the younger students and the elementary schools are where people want to pour their focus. And the older students and the high schools kind often get looked over.
And we just wanted to make sure we weren’t doing that.”

AUBREY: “We’ve just had a fabulous day today and this is just the first year of a several year partnership and red day as amazing it as it is it’s one day but we’ve made a commitment to come throughout the year and really give support.”

DR. WARE: “I cannot put a price tag on this you know when I walked in this morning I said consider this the happiest day of this person’s life because just to see all the smiling faces and the willing spirit just here to pour into our kids not only are they doing this kind of work they’re also enjoying the presentations of learning that our kids have all for today and so it’s just an amazing day here at Howard High School we’re so grateful for
their support.”