Walker County Animal Shelter at capacity


WALKER COUNTY, Ga. (WDEF) — A northwest Georgia animal shelter is at capacity, so they are not taking in anymore pets.

At the Walker County Animal Shelter, a sign is on the door. It says they are not accepting cats or dogs at this time due to overcrowding.

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Inside, people are filling out forms to adopt.

“The staff was being overwhelmed. There was so many animals coming in. We didn’t have the capacity to take care of those. So as a result of that we put the hold. We are giving the staff time to be able to work through trying to adopt and rescue out as many animals as we possibly can,” Walker County Commissioner Shannon Whitfield said.

Right now there are roughly 70 dogs and 30 cats at the shelter.

“Really for this shelter, to probably operate the most efficiently. We probably need less than 60 animals at any given time. That way the staff can dedicate the time to take care of the animals,” Whitfield said.

Whitfield says problems with overcrowding can be prevented.

“The biggest thing we need people to do is spay or neuter their animals. That is the biggest thing that we could ask for and that is why here at the shelter we made the policy under this administration that all animals that go out are spayed and neutered before they leave the shelter. So we can try to prevent overcrowding that is in our community,” Whitfield said.

Rescue groups helped take some of the pets. The shelter is also encouraging people to adopt. It costs 45 dollars for a dog and 25 dollars for a cat.

“They can come down to the shelter and meet the staff and they will take them throughout the shelter and try to match the best cat or dog to fit their family,” Whitfield said.

While its is crowded now, those will the shelter hope that is not the case for long.