Cleveland woman takes pig law fight to city council


CLEVELAND, Tenn. (WDEF) – A Cleveland woman fighting to change the city’s swine ordinance took her case to city council.

Megan Anderson said she spoke to city council members during their meetings Monday.

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Anderson has a 2-year-old pot-bellied pet pig named Nugget.

Currently, Nugget is living outside of Cleveland.

While some cities allow certain pet pigs, Cleveland does not.

Anderson was joined by Tennessee Mrs. Agriculture USA Brittany Graves.

Graves works with a miniature pig rescue.

“My number one goal working with the miniature rescue is to keep pigs that are in loving homes in their forever homes. Rescues are always going to be over populated and we totally understand that, but in this situation it’s a little bit different. You’re ripping pigs out of homes that are positive that do not need to be rescued. So it’s putting a restraint on us on getting pigs that truly need to be rescued,” Graves said.

Anderson said she didn’t get the most positive response from council members, but she is hopeful.

She said she has been asked to email options comparing other ordinances and how the law could be changed.