Snow Hill Road rezoning


CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – The vote on a controversial rezoning on Snow Hill Road was taken at the Hamilton County Commission meeting this morning.

Commissioners voted 4-3 against it.

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But that vote won’t count, because two commissioners weren’t there and they needed five votes to kill it.

News 12’s Ashley Henderson has today’s debate.

The highly controversial proposal is to rezone a 200 acre tract from A-1 Agricultural to R-1 Single Family Residential.

A developer wants to build 453 homes there.

Commissioner Chester Bankston made a motion to deny the resolution.

“The 2.7 per acre is throwed in a pot with the whole two hundred acres, and actually with this plan there’ll be five units per acre, on this property the way they want to develop it.”

“The density goes off the total acreage of the property, not the property used. So if you’re going to judge me, or set me on the precedence of what I’m using then you need to change the whole format of every piece of property in Hamilton County.”

Commissioner Greg Martin asked the county attorney if there might be a legal liability IF THE commission denies the request.

“How are we opening ourselves up for litigation, potentially with people who are – who we have denied or we’ve accepted this person’s program but we’re denying this person’s program?”

“There is some liability exposure there sir. Yes sir.”

And Commissioner Warren Mackey argued that the commission should not be standing in the way of development in the county.

“If a person has property and they want to develop it, I don’t think we should stand in their way. That man said, we’re going to get nearly, a million dollars in tax money. Would you rather see a field of weeds, or a thriving community? We’re not Mayberry anymore. We’re trying to grow this county.”

The motion to deny the request for the zoning change….failed to get the necessary five votes, so the resolution will have to come before the commission again next week.

In Chattanooga, Ashley Henderson, News 12 Now.