Sheriff trying to identify body of a woman found in a field near LaFayette



Walker County officials say they believe the woman has been dead for three to five days. Investigators will release images of her tattoos only if they cannot identify her in other ways. If you have information on the case, contact Det. Sgt. Zach Simpson at 706-639-0871 or 706-375-7810.

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LAFAYETTE, Georgia (WDEF) – The Walker county sheriff’s office is investigating the circumstances surrounding a body found this morning.

About 8 o’clock, two men working in a field where they have cattle, found the body of a woman about a 100 feet off Mineral Springs Road near Lafayette.

When they realized it was a body, they immediately called 9-11.

Deputies sealed off the area to begin their investigation.

Sheriff Steve Wilson told us “When detectives arrived, along with the coroners office, upon closer inspection we did make a determination that it was a human body.”

“It appears to be that of a white female, possibly 30-45 years of age, is what we’re thinking preliminary, the body will be sent to the crime lab for a full autopsy.”

“There does not appear to be any jewelry, any identification, any phone, wallet on the body, so at this point, we’re trying to identify who the person could be. ”

The sheriff says there are tattoos which can help Identify the body, but there were no obvious signs of trauma.

Sheriff Wilson says his officers will be checking the missing persons files from the national database in the next 48 hours if the woman’s identity cannot be established.