Family Owned KFC Plans To Rebuild

Kimball, TN
from Sherri Sells

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (WDEF)- Thurday night multiple fire departments responded to a structure fire at the KFC in Kimball.

Witnesses say the fire started around 9 PM Central time in the back of the building.

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The fire was put out but it reignited around 4 or 5 this morning.

When Thomas Fulbright and his family opened the Kimball KFC in 2003 they never thought they would see their hard work go up in flames.

But, things changed very quickly.

Flames engulfed the KFC located on Main Street and the Kimball Volunteer Fire Department, along with several other agencies did everything that they could to save the building.

Thomas Fulbright, VP of Operations, says, “We don’t know a whole lot of information on the details of how the fire started or what triggered it. But, we’re waiting on the fire department to let us know all that. We’re just looking forward to the day that we can reopen our doors and start cooking chicken again.”

The fire started at closing time and there were no injuries.

All of the employees and firefighters made it out safely.

Fulbright says, “Well, this is just kind of a bump in the road. It’s not something that is going to get us down. We believe that Jesus is looking out for us and that our insurance is going to take care of us and we are going to try our best to take care of our employees and make sure that we do right by them and hopefully, we will be building a new KFC relatively soon.”

The fire department is still investigating how the fire started.

Thomas says that his insurance will compensate his employees while they are out of work.