Mom to Mom – Create a Daily Plan for Your Kids This Summer


Moms, I’ve got your solution to get you through those long summer days.

During the summer I find that my kids are so bored, so last summer I came up with this daily calendar that helps them keep that structure that they’ve had at school, and also helps us get us through the day a little bit easier.

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So how I position mine, everybody’s going to get up, have breakfast and get dressed. And then at that point we kind of go into a little the inside activity. That way you’ve got your inside time, moms, to get yourself going for the day as well.

Now that you’re ready to start your day, I kind of go into the chore part of my day, and that whatever you’ve designated for your kids to do as chores, that’s what they do after their inside activity.

And then we have a snack. And then at that point we go outside, because I don’t know if your kids are like mine, mine always have to work into a good appetite.

So every day after lunch or cleanup time, we do a different activity. So what I have done for my kids is designate a different day for a different activity. So every Monday I’ve designated as Happy Mondays. Tuesday I’ve got Yay We’re Movie Tuesday, Let’s Cook Wednesday, Think Thursday, so that will something like read a book or do a worksheet, and then Field Day Fridays. And then, of course, after that time you’ve got the snack time, and then they can go back outside and get ready for dinner.

So as always, moms, I would love to hear how you make it through those long summer days with the kids. Visit the Mom To Mom page for more ideas or visit the Mom To Mom Facebook page.

— Sarah Pannell