Coyote enters home to get the family cat


ARGO, Alabama (WDEF) – A coyote encounter in middle Alabama may give a lot of residents concerns over their doggie hatches.

Roland Collins was awakened early over the weekend when he heard a loud noise in the basement.

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While his dog was snarling, he got his pistol and went to investigate.

When he opened the door to his indoor garage, he found his cat dead on the floor with a live coyote standing nearby.

He shot the coyote.

Wildlife officers believe the coyote followed the cat into the house through the pet door.

Collins told CBS 42 that he has had two other cats “disappear.”

Wildlife officials offer this advice for homeowners:

— Lock your dog doors

— Don’t feed your pets outside, coyotes will notice

— If you see coyotes in the neighborhood, wave your arms and yell at the… every time you see them. Consistency is important to mark your territory as a no-go zone!

— If it is legal in your town/neighborhood to fire guns, it is legal to shoot coyotes anytime of the year.