VW Chattanooga workers get former boss back


CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – In the middle of a battle to get a Union vote, VW workers in Chattanooga are now getting their old boss back.

Current Volkswagen Chattanooga CEO Antonio Pinto is leaving.

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The company has announced that Frank Fischer is stepping into the position.

Fischer was CEO at the plant from 2008 to 2014.

“Antonio Pinto is moving to a new assignment in Europe to be closer to his family. Frank Fischer, who launched the Chattanooga plant, will assume the role of CEO. Frank welcomed the opportunity to return to Chattanooga—he cares deeply for the people here and will ensure the plant moves forward successfully,” VW spokesperson Amanda Plecas said in a statement.

The change-up comes after the UAW filed again to get a union election.

“I think that the company was, recognized that there were concerns about just the leadership and how leadership was interacting with team members and I think they recognize that Frank would be a good development. I think, I would hope that it shows that Volkswagen is attentive to their workers,” anti-UAW group Southern Momentum attorney Maury Nicely said.

In 2014, workers had an election, and voted the union down.

We did reach out to the UAW, but have not received a full statement yet.