Two Ghostface Gangsters found guilty after trial


WALKER COUNTY, Ga. (WDEF) — After the conviction of two Ghostface Gangsters, prosecutors in Northwest Georgia say a clear message was sent that gang activity won’t be tolerated.

Back in the fall the Lookout Mountain Judicial Circuit drug task force conducted a major round up.

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More than a dozen people believed to be involved in the Ghostface Gangsters were arrested. They also recovered firearms, meth and other drugs.

“Ghostface Gangster Gang has been having a big uprising in our area,” said Dewayne Brown, the commander of the Lookout Mountain Judicial Circuit Drug Task Force.

Earlier this week, two of the men arrested went to trial. Travis Wellborn and Thomas Gaines faced charges in violation of the Georgia Street Gang and Terrorism Prevention Act. They were both found guilty.

“The team came together very very well. Officer Ryan Matthews, with DCS, started this investigation. His aggressiveness to go after these gang members started this all. He relied on his teammates here at the drug task force to assist him in this investigation. This team goes further than the drug task force. It also goes to the Lookout Mountain Judicial Circuit District Attorney’s Office,” Brown said.

Deanna Reisman, a prosecutor, says there were some challenges in the trial.

“There were a lot of legal obstacles that we faced in order to get a conviction. And also a lot of the witnesses that were testifying were afraid to do so and that was a major challenge that we had with this case,” Reisman said.

Both prosecutors and drug task force commanders say this conviction sends a message.

“The state of Georgia and also this judicial circuit has taken notice to it and we are going to pursue them in any way that we can,” Brown said.

“The citizens of Walker county are not going to tolerate the Ghostface Gang conducting activities in this community,” Reisman said.

Wellborn and Gaines will be sentenced in June.