Get an inside look at Dollywood’s Wildwood Grove


If you love Dolly Parton and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, this next location is for you. Recently Dollywood opened Wildwood Grove, a new land your family enters through a fallen log portal.

Today we are giving you an inside look at the fantastic colors, sights and sounds in the heart of Dollywood.

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Wildwood GroveThrill rides, music, and fun. There is a lot to experience inside this new land that Dolly calls Wildwood Grove.

“I am in love with all the details Dollywood has put in with the leaves. Everything is covered the tree is fabulous.” said one Dollywood visitor.

The wildwood tree is the heart of this new land.

Jennifer Webb said, “It is a 52 foot tree. It’s got 650 internally lit butterflies and they are programmable so they put on an experience every day. It’s really the centerpiece of the land and something you can see anywhere you are in the land.”Wildwood Grove

Four years and a lot of work went into this new 37 million dollar section of Dollywood. Guests of all ages are enjoying Wildwood Grove with eleven new experiences and six new rides. There is so much to check out.

Jennifer Webb said, “We really wanted somewhere families could come together and explore this land. It is completely modeled by Dolly’s imagination.”

Dolly brought a little bit of her childhood to life with this expansion.

Wildwood Grove“She talks about growing up in the Great Smoky mountains, wanting to fly with the dragonflies and jump around with the frogs and this was a way you can really bring that to life for our guests here at Dollywood.” said Jennifer Webb.

Guests couldn’t agree more.

“Everything is really done first rate we are blown away.”

One of the new rides? Dollywood’s newest coaster, the Dragonflier.dragonflier

“When you are on it, it definitely packs a punch. It’s a lot faster than it looks.”

From a new restaurant to an indoor playground for the kids. Dolly has definitely put her imagination to the test.

Jennifer Webb, “They wanted somewhere they could cool off in the summer or warm up in the winter and this is a way parents can take a breather or refresher and let the kids play.”

Maybe even a big kid or two. This new section of the part is really geared towards families. Hoping those who visit Wildwood Grove walk away knowing they have experienced something special. Eager to return to see what the future holds.

Wildwood GroveJennifer Webb, “We want to continue to create things and create memories, just to keep expanding and growing and giving people a reason to come back.”

So load up the car and hit the road for this special one tank trip to Wildwood Grove.