Summer Safety: Look Before You Lock


CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (WDEF)- As summer approaches and the weather gets hotter, it is important to remind everyone of the danger of hot cars.

According to the National Safety Council, there have already been 7 hot car deaths this year.

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However, 2018 set a record with a total of 52 deaths.

The question is now how can we stop these deaths?

The Vice President of the organization Kids and Cars, Sue Auriemma, has a tip to help new moms remember to get baby out of the back seat. “So you take your hand bag and put it on the floor right by the car seat, now you are forced to open the door every time you get to your destination.”

Children are not the only ones that can suffer from heat stroke.

Animals are just as sensitive as people.

The Veterinary Care And Specialty Group in St. Elmo sees a number of cases of animals that suffer from heat exhaustion.

Veterinarian Billy Pullen of the  Veterinary Care And Specialty Group warns that animals can overheat from a hike or just simply playing outside. “The number one thing is t just be very cognizant of what is going on in the environment. If it is a very hot, humid day, limit the time outside. It is not a great idea to take a pet that spends all this time near the air conditioner and then decide to go on a five mile hike across the mountain. They are not conditioned for it, they are not ready for it.”

The Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office distributes look before you lock decals to remind everyone to check their backseat before they walk away from their cars and you can pick those up at the West annex.

These types of tragedies can happen even if the temperatures are in the 50’s.

Do not become a statistic, look before you lock.