Coke Stage arrives for Riverbend 2019


CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – The Coke stage was moved into place as the first sign that Riverbend preparations are already underway.

The iconic Coke stage will be one of the major anchors of the festival’s past that won’t be changing this year.

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Lots of other changes will be noticed this year, for the Riverbend faithful.

One of those will be the use of something called “credit loadable armbands.”

Army Morrow, Friends of the Festival Marketing Director, explains how that will work.

“You can use cash, you just have to do that physically here, but if you want to save time and do that hassle free experience, once you have your admission wristband, just go ahead and go to, and you register early, you can attach it to your credit card, or your debit card, and then it’s hassle free once you get here.”

If you still have old Riverbend tokens , this year will be the last time you can use them.

The Riverbend Festival will still end with fireworks at the end.

Armbands are available now.

The festival begins Wednesday, May 29.