PSC Commissioner Tim Echols talks about solar project in Georgia


CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Solar Energy is a hot topic these days.

Georgia is actively trying to join the long list of states that offers solar power to their customers.

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Many places in South and Middle Georgia already have solar power fields in place.

The solar power plants could save all Georgia Power customers money.

Georgia PSC vice president Tim Echols talked about the solar plan today in Chattanooga.

“If you live in Georgia, and you are on the Georgia Power system which is about 2.4 million customers.Then all of the solar that we’re building, mostly in Middle and South Georgia is going to benefit you directly by slightly lowering your rate. Solar has gotten so cheap over the last couple of years that it really benefits all of our customers.”

Georgia has not decided where to install the solar power but they are looking to have the power companies build them on military property.