Movie crew is shooting in Walker County


CHICKAMAUGA, Georgia (WDEF) – Hollywood has come to Walker County.

A movie is being filmed in Chickamauga right now that could give you a chance to get your 15 minutes of fame.

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News 12’s Ashley Henderson checked out the shoot today.

Producers and co-lead actors in the film are husband and wife team Jenn Gotzon Chandler and Jimmy Chandler.

He explains where the idea for the film originated.

“We wrote it together just by livin’ really. When she would come to visit, she came to Chickamauga to the farm, and it was a whole different world for her, so she came from being an actress in Los Angeles and in the New York market, so coming to here was a completely new thing for her.”

Jenn Chandler explains why she believes the message of their film is so important.

“We live in a society where ninety percent of women starting at the age of six believe that the way they look, is what their value is based on, and then in return is why they’re lovable. Our story is trying to help carve a way, and provide a mission with a Christian message to help women understand that God loves them.”

The Director, Wes Llewellyn, explains how time consuming it can be to get just one scene.

“We’re shooting a little scene, that’s going to last about an minute and a half, and we’re going to be here for about four hours shooting it.”

Llewellyn says these type films are just designed for one purpose.

“They’re films that make you feel good. That’s their whole purpose.”

Sandra Lafferty plays Grammy, and likes the theme of the movie.

“I especially like the message that it sends to young girls about how important they are, and how their importance is based on more than beauty.”

In the opening scene, Grammy is giving young Belle a charm bracelet.

Script Supervisor Rebecca Cook shares part of the dialog:

“This was my mother’s – your great-grandmother’s. She gave it to you? That’s the little girl. Yes, and I’m giving it to you.”

Jenn Chandler explains the significance of the bracelet.

“We want girls to know that their value is not based on their physical appearance, but on their heart, and on this bracelet there are different charms, and each charm has a pathway to true beauty and real love, and one of the charms she’s learning about in this scene is that she’s valuable, a magnificent masterpiece. She’s beautiful and made by God.”

The producers are still looking for extras for several different days of shooting.

You can apply by sending a photo, age and resume, to