Not as many teenagers are driving these days


CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Some teens dream of driving their own car.

But for most, catching a ride with their parents may be the better option.

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News 12’s Danielle Moss joins us live in studio with why teens would rather wait for freedom.

The number of teen drivers have decreased drastically.

Only 25% of teens between 16-18 have their licence.

Here in Chattanooga, the Tennessee Safety and Health Council has seen a decline in the number of teens who having been receiving tickets.

“We do defensive driving for Hamilton County and Bradley County and we have seen a reduction in the number of teens coming through for court ordered and also the state numbers are down a little bit.”

Not only are the safety numbers decreasing but studies show that teens are waiting until it is a necessity to own their first set of keys.

“I wanted to get my licenses because I go to work.”

George’s mom is glad that he wants to get his license because it takes some pressure off of her plate.

“I am very proud about it. It’s going to take some pressure off of having to get him to work or pick him up from work because most of the time, he would walk to work and then I would pick him up later at night. ”

Some of the factors that play into the decline of teen drivers include: an increase in car insurance and an increase in the price of cars.

Teens are less likely to spend the money that they do have on a new or used car.

Some Parents feel as though teens are overwhelmed with the thought of driving in today’s traffic.

“With the hustle and bustle a lot of teenagers think that this is one more stress and they kind of want to wait until they are older to kind of handle it better. ”

There has also been a decline in drivers ed courses offered by schools in the local area.