Local plastic surgeons defend the Brazilian Butt Lift


CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Plastic surgeons in Chattanooga are working to change the stigma around a trending plastic surgery called THE ‘Brazilian Butt Lift.’

They’re working alongside world-renowned surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer, better known as ‘Dr. Miami’, to do it.

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New 12’s Taylor Bishop looks at why they say asking the right questions and understanding techniques is important before going under the knife.

It’s called WAGS which stands for the world association of gluteal surgeons. This organization created by Dr. Miami, a surgeon turned reality TV star is uniting over one hundred surgeons to fight false claims of B-B-L’s.

“Because the operation is so popular, widely popular not just in the U.S. but all around the world. the demand for for the operation which has increased year after year but one-hundred percent every year for the last five or six years. Has sort of out stripped both the ability of the surgical community to train surgeons properly and to also get a handle on what we can do to decrease the risk of the operation”

Dr. Chad Deal who preforms local plastic surgery here in Chattanooga says this group is important to help future patients know the right types of questions to ask before getting this type of surgery.

“Don’t be intimidated by your surgeon. I mean this is your life, and with everything that you do take the time to develop that relationship with the surgeon and also their staff. If you feel uncomfortable that’s not where you should go”

Both Miami and Deal say they hope by spreading awareness and education to other surgeons through WAGS, they can begin to turn those statistics around.

“Part of this new group World Association of Gluteal Surgeons that’s what it’s all about making sure people are educated, and that it’s safe. We are going to continue to get better, doctors should always continue to be students and that’s what WAGS is all about”