Grand Jury indicts Janet Hinds on 10 counts in death of police officer

Hamilton County

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – A grand jury in Hamilton County on Tuesday indicted Janet Hinds on ten counts from the death of a Chattanooga Police Officer.

Investigators re-arrested her as a result.

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She is charged with running over Nicholas Galinger who was checking out a drainage ditch on February 23rd and driving off.

The counts are:

Vehicular Homicide by Intoxication

Reckless Driving

Leaving the Scene

Failure to Report Accident

Failure to Render Aid Count

Violation of Traffic Control Device


Driver’s to Exercise Due Care

Failure to Maintain Lane

Driving Under the Influence

On the vehicular homicide charge, the indictment reads “the killing being the proximate results of the defendant’s intoxication as set forth in Tennessee Code.”