Chattanooga woman shares concerns over proposed gun permit legislation


CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – “We have people who are going to be carrying loaded weapons in public. It’s just common sense to ensure that they have been thoroughly trained. Can use that, that device responsibly,” Erin Goddard said.

Erin Goddard is the co-lead of the Chattanooga chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America.

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She said that she’s concerned over HB1264/SB0705.

The bill are their way through the Legislature.

The legislation would make it easier for people to get a concealed carry permit.

Moms Demand Action Erin Goddard:
“The concern there is that there would just be more people who are less, potentially less well trained in using those, those weapons in public spaces.”

The HB1264 sponsor, State Representative Andy Holt, (R) Dresden, said the legislation creates a separate permit for concealed carry.

He said the permit has fewer restrictions, there’s no in-person training required, and it costs less.

“Say a mom whose going to the park with her kids who is living a busy lifestyle and says hey a want to have to ability to protect myself and my children. She’s not going out trying to endeavor to be the police for somebody else. She’s simply trying to protect herself and her family. This would be a much easier option and again with a lower cost,” Rep. Holt said.

Rep. Holt said the permit does have some restrictions.

“It is concealed carry only and would not allow an individual to carry if you say were a full-time faculty or full-time staff member here at the state of Tennessee you could not use that permit provision to carry as a staff person, full-time staff person on a university campus,” Rep. Holt said.

He said the purpose of the legislation is to allow people to access their second amendment rights with a lower cost and lower burden.

The SB0705 sponsor, State Senator John Stevens, (R) Huntingdon, made the following comment on the legislation:

The purpose of this legislation is to create a new concealed carry permit in Tennessee that would make it more accessible for Tennesseans to exercise their right to self-defense.  The new permit will allow for concealed carry only and will not apply to higher education campuses.  Further, the training required in the bill can be a hunter education course or firearm safety course, and can be taken online. The new concealed carry permit will also be less financially burdensome at $65. Tennessee already recognizes permits from states that require similar or less training.  By creating a new concealed carry permit, Tennesseans are able to choose which permit option is best for them and their lifestyle in order to exercise their constitutional right to self-defense.

As for Goddard, she said she would like for the current permitting system to stay the same.