Chattanooga Mocs Well Represented in the NFL


Chattanooga-(WDEF-TV) Last year Alabama had the most players in the NFL with 44.
But the Chattanooga Mocs currently have five players on NFL rosters, which isn’t bad for an FCS school. Corey Levin with the Titans. Keionta Davis with the Patriots. Tae Davis with the Giants. Buster Skrine with the Bears, and C.J. Board with the Jaguars. And who knows, a couple of more former UTC players might land on a team following this week’s NFL draft.

We saw three current NFL Mocs return home for a Mocs fan fest last month at Finley Stadium. Corey Levin, Keionta Davis, and Tae Davis.
Having those three and a few more UTC grads in the NFL might surprise a few people.
Said Mocs receiver Bryce Nunnelly:”Yeah I feel like maybe not a lot of people know about it, but if they did, maybe they would be surprised. It’s very hard to get into the NFL.”
Said Mocs head coach Rusty Wright:”It is a lot of guys playing at the next level, and that’s a good thing. It means people have identified talent. We’ve developed guys, and they given themselves an opportunity to go play at the next level.”
Said Levin:”Just the more successful guys you get to come out of here, the more young high schoolers see that and want to do that themselves. So it really gives them a push to come to Chattanooga because people are making it from here, and you are getting a good education, and you are playing for a really good program.”
Reporter:”How often do you use the T-O card in recruiting?” (NFL Hall of Fame receiver Terrell Owens played at UTC)
Said Wright:”Some. Depends on who you are talking to for sure. Skill sets and wide receivers and things like that, they all ask. Eventually they ask. But yeah we do.’
Said Mocs defensive back Brandon Dowdell:”For him just being one of the greatest receivers of all time to have a platform right here in Chattanooga. Just shows you that you don’t have to be at a big time university or a big time program just to be in the NFL or to make a name for yourself. You have several NFL superstars. Hall of Famers that came from small schools, and they’re one of the greatest.”
Coach Wright says having that many UTC alums in the NFL should motivate guys on this year’s Chattanooga team.
Said Wright:”Hopefully it does help and guys realize that guy works. They see that work ethic to get there, and they can realize they can do it too.”