Police arrest a registered sex offender for walking in a park


DUNLAP, Tennessee (WDEF) – Dunlap Police have arrested a man for just walking in a public park.

The catch is that Jonathan Eric Kelly is a registered sex offender.

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Officials say a concerned citizen spotted him at Harris Park on Tuesday night.

But he left before officers could get there.

However a detective talked to him and determined he had been there.

Kelly is on lifetime supervision with the Tennessee Department of Probation and Parole.

He is registered as a Violent Against Children Sex Offender.

And this isn’t his first arrest for being in the wrong place.

Dunlap police arrested him in January of 2018 for being spotted on school property.

He served a year for that and just got out a few months ago.

On Facebook, commenters overwhelmingly support the police action.

One of the milder statements was…. “Thank you for your protection. Keep him behind bars then they know were he is at all times!!!!!”

You can track or report sex offenders through the TBI website.  Go to Map Offenders to find out if one lives near you.