Polk County commissioners to vote on becoming a gun sanctuary county


POLK COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) – Jeremiah Jack described Polk County as place where the majority of its residents are pro-gun.

“It’s the law, but it’s also our heritage. It’s, it’s tradition. It’s history. We’ve always carried guns.”

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And, some are hoping to keep it like that, no matter what happens in the future.

Soon, the Polk County Commission will be weighing a resolution for the county to become a gun sanctuary.

Commission Chair Greg Brooks said in his 16 years of working for the county, this resolution has garnered the most input and support.

He said he’s “looking forward for Polk County being the first one in Tennessee to pass it.”

Brooks explained that if the resolution passes, it would mean that if the state or federal government were to put restrictions on guns, the county would not recognize them.

It’s like the gun sanctuary resolution that passed recently in Cherokee County, North Carolina.

“I don’t know that it will make a world of difference, but it’s one small step,” Jack said.

Jack sells guns as a floor Manager at Benton’s Shooter Supply.

“There’s a lot of worry, working at a gun store, there’s a lot of worry among the people what’s going to happen in two years, eight years,” Jack said.

He supports the efforts to make Polk County a gun sanctuary county.

“It’s going to help our law officers out that they don’t have to enforce a law that they don’t believe in,” Jack said.

Jack said he’s glad the county is trying to protect their 2nd amendment right and feels the resolution will pass.

The gun sanctuary proposal is on the commission’s agenda Thursday night.