Development comes to South Broad


CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — With Lookout Mountain Suites closing and development happening, changes are in the works for South Broad Street in Chattanooga.

Sale Creek students spent the morning at this Collier Construction site off Broad Street. They went through houses in every phase of development.

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“We are building an entire community here. We’ve got 65 homes under construction. Some of those are single family homes, some of those meaning they are detached houses. We’ve got some townhouse. The home values range from 215 all the way up to 475 thousand dollars,” said Ethan Collier, with Collier Construction.

Ethan Collier says South Broad felt like a good area to build because of its location.

“It is kind of right in the center of a lot of activity that we saw in the southside and a great opportunity to develop a piece of land that had been untouched for several decades.”

This is part of a visioning process.

“South broad at least along the northside of the street was onetime an industrial, commercial environment and quite some time it has been dormant. So now you see residential coming up over there and in the future you will see some more kind of activities that is really going to revitalize this area,” said Erskine Oglesby, a city council member.

Other changes on Broad Street include the recent shutdown of Lookout Mountain Suites.
“it wasn’t in such a good shape. It seriously needed a lot of renovations to make it safe livable and healthy.”

Oglesby says it attracted crime.

“The citizens that live there and throughout our city deserve the best quality of life that they can,” Oglesby said.

Back at the construction site, Collier sees movement in the area.

“There is a lot of land for sale. There is a lot of proposed developments. It is definitely moving in this direction,” Collier said.

55 for the Collier Construction homes are sold and occupied.