Chattanooga firefighters rescue a dog


HIXSON, Tennessee (WDEF) – Chattanooga firefighters made an unusual rescue on Thursday evening.

They were called to a Hixson home where a dog was trapped in the walls.

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The victim was a long-haired, toy Dachshund named Bella.

She was chasing a squirrel in the attic, when she fell through an opening into an inerior wall.

Bella was trapped between the den and the master bedroom.

Her owners could hear her barking, but couldn’t figure out how to get to her.

Captain Andy Blevins and the Engine 11 crew had a solution.

The brought in a ladder and a saw.  The video tells the rest.

Captain Blevins says he wasn’t sure how Bella would react to being grabbed, so he quickly tossed her to Firefighter Brandon McCully below.

Bella was okay after the ordeal.