Pedestrian injured on Tunnel Boulevard


CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – A woman was critically injured this morning when she was walking in Brainerd.

She was hit by a car at Montview Drive and Tunnel Boulevard.

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The driver of the car stopped and cooperated with police.

Chattanooga has seen dozens of these pedestrian struck cases over the last year.

14 of them have been fatal.

Sergeant Justin Kilgore had some advice for people to avoid these kinds of accidents.

“Things that can make you safer whether you’re a pedestrian or a driver, if you’re the pedestrian, wear some bright colored clothes. It doesn’t matter if its day or night time, just something so that you’re more visible. If there are cars moving around you, don’t try to judge their speed. Just wait for them to pass then go ahead and cross the road. If you’re the driver, just drive. You don’t need to be doing anything else in your car.”