CPD officers board bus to Ohio for Officer Galinger’s funeral


CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – The Chattanooga Police Department has several officers and executive staff members on the road to Ohio for Officer Nicholas Galinger’s funeral.

Chief David Roddy says CPD loaded up a bus of Officer Galinger’s fellow cadets from his Academy class in a continued effort to support the family through this difficult time.

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They made it to Cincinnati Thursday afternoon to attend the home going ceremony for fallen officer Nicholas Galinger.

The Chattanooga Police Department says they are grateful that the community rallied behind them.

Chief Roddy says, “the overwhelming amount of support, friendship, prayer and love that has come from the City of Chattanooga to its’ Police Department has been nothing short of amazing.”

Officer Galinger’s father told News 12 that he’s never seen a city support their police department like Chattanooga.

Barry Galinger says, “I think that we have already realized that the people of Chattanooga… That we’ve come across, has shown really what a community this is and how the police are embraced here by the city and it really shows.

It showed as dozens lined the streets Wednesday to watch the first group of officers make the trip.

Chief Roddy says, “We are starting our journey following Nicholas from yesterday up to Cincinnati where we were able to get him home to his family and we are going to get the today to show respect to Nicholas’s family, to Nicholas himself into the community of Cincinnati that gave them to us and just work towards closure for everyone.”

Chief Roddy says the departments overall message is thank you to the community who is supporting their department through this difficult time as well.

Barry Galinger says, “this was the perfect police department for him.”