Fallen Officer Galinger’s body receives police escort to Ohio


CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – Fallen Officer Nicholas Galinger’s body is on its way to Ohio in preparation for his funeral service.

Fallen Officer Nicholas Galinger’s body is going home to his final resting place next to family.

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His service is set for Friday in Ohio.

East Brainerd Road was lined with blue Wednesday morning to give fallen officer a sendoff that would warm the hearts of his parents making the trip to Ohio with him.

The family says that this is the beginning of the hardest part of this process.

They will be seeing Officer Galinger’s children for the first time since the accident that took their father from them.

Lt. Danny Jones with the Chattanooga Police Department says this a tough time for the department, but they put on their game face to help prepare the officer’s family for the road ahead.

Lt. Jones says, “we are all putting our game face on and going out and doing the job that we are prescribed to do because once again it goes back to our professionalism and our nobility to be able to go out and do our job, even when you are hurting inside because everyone of us in blue have a broken heart. There’s no doubt about it.”

Lt. Jones referred to Officer Galinger’s death as the ultimate sacrifice.

That sacrifice is being honored by law enforcement agencies from here… to Cincinnati.

At each state border, more officers will join in to the escort.

Traffic was blocked for about 15 minutes on E Brainerd and the people who were held up by the road block got out and put their hands on their heart and paid their respect for Officer Galinger and his family.

Councilman Darrin Ledford said, “he gave his life for us and we really appreciate that and we will never forget that.”

Officer Galinger graduated from the academy one month before the crash that claimed his life on Saturday in Hixson. Lt Jones says the Chattanooga Police department needs our continued support.

Lt. Danny Jones says, “We are all brokenhearted but that’s the professionalism that we have but it also goes back to our vicarious trauma that we have as well because a lot of the guys are suppressing all of this and eventually unfortunately it will even come out and when it does it will hurt. The biggest way there any community member can help us right now is by coming up and saying thank you, telling an officer thank you and out of the blue, it’s huge. It’s huge to have someone come up and say thank you for your service and just walk away.”

“Anyone that knows a police officer, you need to reach out to that person ,that woman and tell them how much you care about them and thank them for the service that they do.”