Mom to Mom: Facts About Hepatitis A


Here are some facts about Hepatitis A that parents need to know when taking care of their children. Everybody’s talking about it, but no one knows what it is. Michelle Boothe, a Physician Assistant, explains.Hepatitis A

“It’s a viral infection, it affects the liver. It’s transmitted person to person via the fecal oral route. Usually eating contaminated food, drinking contaminated water. They’re going to present with symptoms of abdominal pain, cramps, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, fever, chills. Most of the time this is going to be a self limiting illness. You are going to get better in a few days, few weeks, it may be more sick and it may take up to two months to get completely better.

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Hepatitis AYou can start getting vaccinated at age one. So most of the time at your one year well child check your pediatrician will recommend starting to get the Hepatitis A vaccine. However, if you’ve got older children and you’re not sure if they’ve had the vaccination, you can always check with the pediatrician, they can tell you and if they’ve not been vaccinated, you can go ahead and start the vaccine.”

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