Sen. Jeff Mullis proposes bill to protect more monuments


ATLANTA (WDEF) – Georgia State Senator Jeff Mullis is pushing a bill this session to expand protection of historical monuments and gravestones.

Vandalism has been going up against Confederate associated markers across the south.

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RinggoldBut Sen. Mullis was particularly thinking about the flag and gravestone damage done last year at the Nathan Anderson Cemetery in Ringgold.

” I did this because of the incidences last year involving the desecration of gravestones in our district.”

Last spring, vandals attacked the confederate monument there, damaging the flag pole, stealing the Confederate flag, knocking over gravestones and taking several stick flags, both Confederate and American.

Senate Bill 77 would expand what is protected under state law, including items related to the state flag, state seal, government symbols including statues and monuments.

“This legislation is about protecting and respecting the history of Georgia. This is incredibly important to me, my constituents and all Georgians.”