Community supports boy who needs heart transplant


WALKER COUNTY, Ga. (WDEF) — People gathered in Walker County this weekend to support a five-year-old boy who needs a heart transplant.

With balloons in hand family, friends and community members gathered in Walker County to show their support at a fundraiser for five-year-old Brantley Palmer.

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The little boy is from Summerville, Georgia. He was born with a congenital heart defect. Brantley has been at Egleston Hospital in Atlanta for five months, awaiting a heart transplant.

“His valve in between the two chambers was not working correctly. The flap in it was basically allowing too much blood to go into the receiving chambers. It couldn’t correct it, so the next thing was the heart surgery for transplant,” said Ross Palmer, Brantley’s father.

His father says he has a bright personality.

“He is always smiling , just bouncing off the walls, just running around like you can’t stop him,” Palmer said.

He admires Brantley’s positive attitude during this difficult time.

“He’s got the high hopes and pushing forward,” Palmer said.

This weekend fundraiser featured a lot of activities, including wrestling. Organizers say with fundraisers like this and an online auction they’ve raised roughly $6,000.

“We are looking to see how much more we have that we are raising. We are trying to meet the immediate needs, but then also try to build them a home in safe environment for when Brantley finally gets his heart transplant for him to be able to grow and do everything to get better in his recovery,” said Shannon Owensby, Brantley’s cousin.

She was overwhelmed with all the generosity.

“Everywhere that I went and asked for donations I got a yes before I can in the door it felt like,” Owensby said.

As friends release the balloons for Brantley, family members appreciate the support.

If you are interested in supporting Brantley, a fund has been set up at the Bank of Lafayette.