The Will To Win: Dalton man brings home silver from X Games


DALTON, Tenn. (WDEF) – A Dalton Man brought home the silver from the X Games last weekend.

But the road to get there was rough, with just one of the obstacles being that he is a paraplegic.

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Will and his dad Bill both overcame amazing odds and their perseverance is remarkable.

Bill Posey says, “We’ve been a team, he started riding when he was 2-1/2 and it’s just not stopped. No matter what’s happened to him.”

Will Posey was riding his bike like any other day a year ago…. when something went wrong sending him over the handle bars… That accident left him paralyzed from the waist down.

“Once you get paralyzed your body acts totally different with any and everything,” Will Posey says.

Will knew he would get back on the bike… just be a little different, but It was harder than he imagined.

Will Posey thought, “this is going to be just like riding on the dirt. Can’t be that much different. It’s a little heavier, so I hop on this thing and I start taking off… and I’m like this is not anything like what I thought.”

His family wasn’t a stranger to adversity… Will’s father had been severely injured years ago, but they say he defied all the odds in his recovery.

Bill Posey says, “Never give up, because the doctor said so many things about me and they wouldn’t even do surgery on way because they said I wasn’t going to leave. My parents started a prayer chain and a miracle happened.”

Will Posey told News 12, “to see him, the doctors told him he wouldn’t walk again, eat again, talk again. He would be a living vegetable for the rest of his life. Seeing him overcome that and then help me overcome everything that I have, it’s made me realize and give up.”

These two adventurers make a remarkable team their journey led them to the X Games this past week, the 26th of January, a year and a day from the day Will was injured.

Will Posey was surprised to when people started reaching out to him and he says, “people said ‘seeing you get out of bed and keep living has inspired me’,” Posey says.

“that kept me going and that fueled his fire.”

The fire that led him throw the para snow bike race… alongside someone he’s admired since he began riding.

Will Posey says, “Doug is a legend. Motorcross Hall of Famer.”

Bill Posey says, “To stay that close to him was amazing. As Will said earlier, he is a legend and when Will was younger, he used to watch him and idolize him.”

He brought home the silver with someone considered the best coming home with the gold.

Bill Posey says that he would never let Will give up on his dreams.