Mom to Mom: Tips to Follow When Packing Lunches for Your Kids


Here are some tips to follow when packing lunches for your kids. Packing a kid’s lunch, seems like it’d be a really easy task. When I started packing my kid’s lunch I found myself standing in the pantry, not knowing where to start. I had to develop a plan. I organized a checklist and I divided it into five different categories.Packing lunches

The first is, the main course. That consists of anything from a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a quesadilla, or what my kids love the most is, a pizza wrap. You just wanna make sure that you have the protein portion of that. That’ll keep your kids alert more, and ready to learn. Next up, you’ve got your fruit and your vegetables. I’ll do fruit one day and then I’ll do a veggie. That could be strawberries, apples, bananas, carrot sticks, celery sticks, anything that your kid loves, put it in there.

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Next up, we have our snacks. I try to choose something that’s more healthy in the snack category. I go for either popcorn or pretzels. You could do the frozen Gogurt, or your good old cheese sticks. Kids are always gonna want treats. I try to stick with … I’ve got the Teddy Grahams, Rice Krispy Treats. Giving them a little, bit of sugar at the end of the meal is okay.

Packing lunchesLast, but not least, you don’t forget about the drinks. I like to choose something that doesn’t necessarily have to be refrigerated for a long time. Either do a water bottle, or a Capri Sun, or some type of fruit drink that they love. – Sarah Pannell

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