Former Moc and Red Bank Star Keionta Davis Living the Dream by Playing in the Super Bowl


Atlanta, GA-(WDEF-TV) On Sunday, Chattanooga’s own Keionta Davis will suit up with the New England Patriots and play in a game most football players only dream about. For Davis, just getting to the next level of his career seemed a far off dream. The defensive lineman tore his ACL before his senior season at Red Bank High School. Then news of a bulging disk in his neck delayed a call on draft day.

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However, now he plays with one of the most successful NFL franchises in this century, and he’s loving every minute.

Said Davis: “The best part about it in football and in life is just getting through adversity, fighting through adversity, and you get to do things things like this at the end of the road. Now we have the opportunity to probably win the biggest football game anybody can ever play in.”

Patriots defensive lineman Keionta Davis will play in the Super Bowl Sunday, just two years after leaving UT-Chattanooga’s campus. It’s a dream he never thought would become reality.

Said Davis: “It’s always a dream that you want to accomplish. Did I ever think so? No, I just wanted to move on to the next level but being able to get into this organization with the things I had going on and they just putting their trust in me and being able to play this year and helping out this team as much as possible, I just feel like it’s a great feeling, man.”

Not only does Davis get to play in the NFL, but he shares a roster spot with 5-time Super Bowl winning quarterback Tom Brady.

Said Davis: “You don’t realize it because you’re an employee, so you just see him every day and say, ‘Hey, hey Tom, how you doing?’ and he’s like ‘Hey, how you doing?’ I’m like, alright, yeah I just walked past Tom Brady.”

Davis is like a kid on Christmas morning, even though it’s a work week.

Said Davis: “We had like little work outs and stuff, and I just got excited for no reason. I was wondering why. I felt like a little kid right now. But I’m just excited to be here, excited to be here with my teammates. Everybody’s focused and everybody’s ready for Sunday.”

Davis says he’s been keeping in touch with his Mocs teammates back in Chattanooga. He also tells me that he’s a big fan of Rusty Wright as the new head coach of his alma mater.