College basketball power rankings: Virginia and Duke are the top two and there's major movement outside the top 10


College basketball has:

  • Two undefeated teams.
  • Eight one-loss teams.
  • Fifteen two-loss teams.
  • Four 15-win teams.
  • Eleven 14-win teams.
  • Seventeen 13-win teams.

From that group, and even beyond it, there’s a big pool of candidates to consider for the Power Rankings. This week’s list features volatile movement from where things stood on Jan. 3. It’s the most week-over-week change yet. No. 1 stays the same, but three teams dropped out/hopped in. And after the top 10, it gets complicated quickly. 

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Here are the 19 most impressive teams in college basketball right now. Why 19? Because it’s just enough, especially on the 71st birthday of Steely Dan co-founder Donald Fagen.  

 ⤴️ means a team is higher than where it stood last week, ⤵️ indicates a drop and 🔄 means no change from last Thursday. 

Hey Nineteen: Norlander’s Power Rankings

Dropped out: Mississippi State, NC State, Ohio State.