Walker Valley Basketball Team Enjoying Big Turn Around This Season


Cleveland, TN-(WDEF-TV) Walker Valley suffered through a losing record last year, but this year, they’ve experienced only one loss, and that came in overtime. The Mustangs have enjoyed quite a turn-around under new head coach Will Campbell, who was an assistant on the team a year ago.

Last year Walker Valley won just 12 games. This year they’re off to a 15-1 start.
Reporter:”Are you surprised by the success of this team so far early in the season?”
Said guard Jordan Munck:”I’m not really surprised. I mean we expected us to be here. I mean no one else thought we were going to be here. Us being ranked 5th and everything, but I mean if we play together. Just keep on doing what we’re doing, we’ll just keep on winning.”
You have to have some talent to post a good record, but when you have unselfish talent. Look out.
Said guard Blake Campbell:”We all love to share the ball. We like to get assists I guess. We like to hit shots. We just play as a team.”
Said Munck:”Well last year we had two guys averaging over ten points. This year we have four. We just move the ball way better.”
New head coach Will Campbell will take all the wins he can get, but it’s the journey that thrills Will.”
Said Will Campbell:”Win or lose doesn’t matter to me to be honest. I tell them that all the time. I just want to compete. I think that they’ve just made a commitment defensively to just compete. We are undersized almost every game we play. We are not always the most athletic, but we just compete and fight. We just find a way to claw our way back. That’s not anything. That’s the guys. They’ve just got hear.”
You gotta have heart to endure the Mustangs upcoming schedule, and maybe a good luck charm.
Said Munck:”Coach Campbell has some lucky socks. His dad gave him some basketball socks. He has worn them every game.”
Said Blake Campbell:”Yeah he has washed them only once. They probably stink real bad but.”