TECH BYTE: High-Tech Bikes Help Get You in Shape


CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — Last week, we looked at tech gadgets that will help you with your fitness New Year’s resolutions.

This week, let’s check out some high tech workout equipment that will help you get in shape.

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You don’t necessarily have to go to the gym to get fit.

You can now use your smartphone to help you get moving.

“All these people, all these time zones, there’s somebody riding all of the time,” said Nancy McCaffrey, Echelon Studio.

McCaffrey says you don’t even have to take a class there to take advantage of their Echelon Fit app.

You just need their stationary bike for your workout.

“Even if you can’t make it to a class here in Chattanooga, you can tune in with the app to the class,” she said. “If you have the bike in your house, you can be a part of the class that we’re running here in Chattanooga.”

Instructors can work with both people in the Chattanooga studio, and anyone else with the app who isn’t there.

“The instructors obviously see who we have physically here in our Chattanooga studio, but they also get to see people that are tuning in from around the world who own the bike and the app, so it’s like your class just got bigger, and all the people in the Chattanooga class can see those people as well on our leader board,” McCaffrey said.

McCaffrey says if you can’t physically make it to a class, there are a thousand rides on-demand.

“You can choose your instructor, you can choose how long you want to ride,” she said. “Maybe it’s just 20 minutes. We have those in there. You can choose a theme, if you feel like you’re in an ’80s mood, ’90s, some disco, whatever your vibe is that day, you can choose an on-demand class, and it’s right there at your fingertips.”

You don’t even need the app to participate in person either.

“We’ll give you a log-in and a password, so that your metrics will be picked up by the bike,” McCaffrey said. “We’re going to get your power, your speed, your pace, of course those calories burned, all of that good stuff, and you will see all of that on a built-in iPad on the bike that you’re riding here in the studio.”

McCaffrey says their app has been download 20,000 times. Almost 5,000 people are paying subscribers.

You can order an Echelon bike at, and download the Echelon Fit app through your phone’s app store.