Mocs Welcome Back All American UTC QB Jacob Huesman as New Tight Ends Coach


Chattanooga-(WDEF-TV) Jacob Huesman left a huge foot-print on the Mocs football program as a player.
Now he hopes to make the same impact as a UTC coach.
New Mocs head coach Rusty Wright decided to bring Huesman with him from Georgia State, and make Huesman Chattanooga’s new tight ends coach.

Rusty Wright never thought his first presser as the Mocs new head coach, would be to introduce an assistant coach.
Said Wright:”I told him we may have to instigate the Nick Saban rule to where assistants don’t talk to the press anymore and all that good stuff. But no, it’s good. It’s a great thing, and I’m glad. I’m glad for this community. I’m glad for this university because he’s a great ambassador. There’s no question. He’s a whole lot prettier than I am, and a whole lot younger, and I’m okay with that.”
Said Huesman:”Like he said, no assistant coach ever gets a press conference. There’s no reason any assistant coach sits up here when he first gets hired, so it’s a little weird.”
Huesman however was one of the best players to ever suit up for Chattanooga. He won the SoCon offensive player of the year award a record three times.
Said Wright:”He put the weight of this program on his shoulders for four years.”
Said Huesman:”I’m just honored to be sitting up here right now. I’ve got so much to thank Coach Wright for. He has pretty much single handily gotten my coaching career going. He was the reason I ended up at Georgia State.”
Reporter:”What are some of the intangibles that you like about Jacob.”
Said Wright:”You’re talking about work ethic. You’re talking about showing up and being where he’s supposed to be every day. Doing the things you ask. Whether it was out of fear for his dad or whatever it may have been.”
Yeah Huesman played for his father Russ, who was the head coach during Jacob’s UTC tenure.
Said Huesman:”He was the one who pushed me into football from a very young age. That was the first toy I ever owned as a child was a football. Just kind of feels like this is where I’m supposed to be though. The University of Tennessee-Chattanooga has meant a lot to me and my family. Chattanooga has always. I’ve lived a lot of places in my life, but I’m claim Chattanooga as my hometown.”