TECH BYTE: Tech Can Help with New Year’s Fitness Goals


CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — Many folks have New Year’s resolutions to start 2019 off on the right foot.

A lot of them revolve around fitness.

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Why not use tech to actually help you keep those resolutions?

Verizon’s Zachary Nelson recommends the Fitbit Versa.

“It’s got a four-day battery on there,” Nelson said. “It’s going to give you all your social media notifications, but most importantly, it’s going to help you track fitness. It’s going to track your heart rate, it’s going to track your sleep patterns, it’s going to track your steps, and you can log all your fitness activities, as well as it has workouts built into it, and so if maybe you’re caught with just 30 minutes here or there, it’s going to have a built in workout that you can quickly access to maybe take advantage of on a lunch break.”

Nelson says the Fitbit still helps you meet your fitness goals if you want something a little bit cheaper than an Apple Watch.

“It’s going to pair to any smartphone device. It’s going to be useful for anybody that’s really looking to kind’ve have the world at their fingertips right on their wrist there. I think it’s a great option.”

Wireless headphones like Apple AirPods, or the JBL Free are great for making calls and listening to music while lifting weights, or on a run.

“It’s going to give you 20 hours total usage time when it’s in the case,” Nelson said. “They’re four hours of consecutive usage already on their own. You pop them in the portable case that comes with it. For 15 minutes, it’s going to give you a few extra hours of usage.”

Nelson says the JBL Free headphones pair well with Siri if you have an iPhone, or Google voice assistant if you have an Android.

“It’ll monitor, you know, while you’ve got them popped in, how your run’s going, how your workout’s going, access calls, access your social media, all of it’s going to be right built into your ears so you can go completely hands free,” he said.

Both the AirPods and JBL Free headphones are very similar.

Nelson says it’s ultimately up to you on which one to get.

“They’re both going to work with both product lineups, they’re not just cut off to the other, they’re just kind’ve maximized, depending on your operating system,” Nelson said.

Now you don’t have any excuses for skipping your workout.

Good luck keeping those New Year’s resolutions!