Grundy County awarded grant to enhance court security


GRUNDY COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) – Grundy County Sheriff’s Office posted to Facebook that the Administrative Offices of the Court has been awarded a grant to enhance court security.

They received $51,840 to enhance court security.

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The Facebook post says that Grundy County meets and exceeds the statewide minimum standards for courtroom security.

Because of this, Grundy County was allowed to apply for additional funds that would provide enhanced security measures.

The application requested funds for courthouse surveillance, video arraignment and equipment totaling $51,840. The grant required a 10% match which has been approved by the County Commission.

Sheriff Clint Shrum, along with General Sessions Judge Trey Anderson filed the application to the State on behalf of Grundy County.

Judge Justin Angel facilitated the approval of Grundy County’s request, equaling all of the desired funds totaling: $51,840.

Circuit Court Judge Justin C. Angel, the Presiding Judge of the 12th Judicial District, is a member of the Judicial Conference Courtroom Security Committee.

This award is the largest award of any of the six counties in the 12th Judicial District.

Judge Anderson, Sheriff Shrum and Judge Angel strongly believe in a strong courtroom security system for the officers, court personal, litigants, jurors, and the public as a whole.