Three Hamilton County commissioners demand termination of deputy


HAMILTON, Tenn. (WDEF) — Three Hamilton County commissioners are demanding that Sheriff Jim Hammond fire the deputy who was seen on video kicking and punching a man during an arrest.

The video of Charles Toney’s arrest was on full display at the County Commission meeting.

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“I think all of us are very disturbed at what we saw and the officer who beat on this man, I am going to ask and demand that the Hamilton County Sheriff fire that man,” said Commissioner Warren Mackey.

Commissioners Mackey, Katherlyn Geter and David Sharpe urged Sheriff Hammond to fire Deputy Blake Kilpatrick who is seen kicking and punching a handcuffed Toney.

“I am asking and demanding as well, Sheriff Hammond, that Deputy Kilpatrick be fired. We should have a standard of operation across Hamilton County and especially in our law enforcement. From what I am hearing, not only from what I am seeing and hearing most recently what this deputy, it is not acceptable,” Geter said.

“I think that we should hold ourselves and those that are to serve and protect us to a higher standard and I support these statements as well,” Sharpe said.

Toney’s supporters want change.

“We stand up and call for a fair and transparent investigation in order for there to be accountability in this incident. We stand up and call for the full removal of Detective Kilpatrick and those that participated in those despicable and malicious act of ruthless aggression,” Brandon Woodruff said.

Sheriff Hammond says he will wait until after the Department of Justice investigation to make his decision.

“If the District Attorney or the Justice of Department goes to me tomorrow and tells me there will be indictments. I am obligated to terminate him, but I am not going to rush to judgment on what may be an emotional feeling as Sheriff I can’t do that,” Sheriff Hammond said.

While Toney’s assault, tampering with evidence and resisting arrest charges were dropped, he still faces his initial drug charges. He is expected to appear in court on that in February.

Toney and his civil rights attorney are in the process of filing a civil suit.