TECH BYTE: Tech Products Take Headache Out of Holiday Cooking


CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — December means lots of holiday parties.

Whether you’re hosting, or just attending one and have to bring something to eat, there are some tech products out there that make it easier for you in the kitchen.

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Verizon’s Zachary Nelson says the Google Home Hub makes cooking for your holiday parties less work, and more fun.

“Christmas party, New Year’s party, all throughout the rest of the year, it’s really handy for those that are looking for a little extra help in the kitchen, and for those that are really savvy with it already. You’ll be able to breeze through without having to dig out the old recipe books,” Nelson said.

The Google Home Hub is hands free, so it’s a great tool to have if you have ingredients all over your hands.

“It maximizes really how Google Home works, but it’s an actual video screen, so it’s a several inch video screen on there,” he said. “Let’s say you’re doing recipe of something you’re not really familiar with, it’s going to go step by step with a full slide of the recipe. It’s going to give you assistance all along the way with a voice feature, as well. If you get stuck there, you can actually pull up a video of someone cooking on YouTube, where it’ll go even further step by step.”

And no need to worry if you’re missing an ingredient.

This device makes it easy to improvise if you forgot to get something at the store.

“The really cool thing I use mine for is substitutes, so if I don’t have olive oil, if I don’t have a specific spice, if I don’t have a specific ingredient, you can ask it for a substitute, and it’ll break it down to something that you will have,” Nelson said.

Now that you’ve made that perfect party dish, you want it to taste good, and look good to show off to your family and friends.

Some of Samsung’s newest phones have a special food camera stock feature to help you do just that.

“If you look at the top, the Samsung Galaxy 9, S9+, Note9, it is actually going to give you the food option for a picture, so you can get that perfect culinary masterpiece, and put it on your social media,” Nelson said.