Catoosa County family wants answers about man’s 2014 disappearance


CATOOSA COUNTY, Ga. (WDEF) — Family members of a Catoosa County man, who disappeared in July of 2014, are still searching for answers.

They say they don’t want to go another holiday season without knowing what happened to Noah Davis.

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Video of Noah Davis playing in the pool with his niece Cayley was taken in July of 2014, right before he disappeared. Noah had borrowed his brother’s truck. His brother, Joshua Wright, says they found the truck in East Ridge, but no sign of Noah. He hopes his brother is still out there.

“It’s a matter of faith and it is a matter of keeping. It definitely is not going to make a whole lot of sense either way it goes,” Wright said.

He is hoping people with information come forward. Family members believe someone knows something about Noah.

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“Speak up and do the right thing. We just want to get some resolution on the matter. We love Noah. We miss him,” Wright said.

He loved Noah’s sense of humor.

“All the time being silly he is goofy. Laughing at everything, or trying to figure out a way to laugh at everything,” Wright said.

In the living room there is a stocking with Noah’s name on it. His family hopes they’ll have more information about where Noah is this holiday season.

“I am very family based and centered and my mom was the same exact way and all we ever want at our home is our family really. That is the best part about the holiday,” Wright said.

They don’t want to spend another Christmas without Noah or without answers.

“I want to find him and see him again because I miss him a lot,” Cayley said.

“The greatest present that you can ever give is your presence alone. And we would just like for him to be home and we feel like, that is a possibility. We just have faith,” Wright said.

If you have any information about Noah, you are asked to contact the Catoosa County Sheriff’s Office at 706-935-2323.

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