Community group outlines steps for Harriet Tubman site


CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Members of the Unity Group want a say in the future of the old Harriet Tubman Housing site.

Community members demonstrated on the steps of City Hall on Tuesday to gain attention for their plans.

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They are presenting steps they would like the Mayor and City Council to take to use the 44 acre site to help families in East Chattanooga.

Eric Atkins said “What we would like to see is the recommendations that we have clearly outlined in our addendum, and we know that the voice of the people must be heard, and the interests of the people must be kept. And so we are hoping that you will look at this document, and we hope that in the days and weeks ahead, that it can be a starting point, to get that done.”

The group has submitted a paper to the city requesting several actions be taken related to the site. Their first request is that the city withdraw its request from the planning commission to rezone the site. That meeting is scheduled for Monday.