Reaction to alcohol and beer measures that passed


(WDEF) – Alcohol sales referendums were favored by voters this year.

In Dalton, a measure passed allowing for residents to buy liquor on Sunday.

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And in Walker county residents passed several other measures, including Sunday liquor sales, a Sunday liquor by the drink referendum, and a liquor by the drink referendum.

Commissioner Shannon Whitfield says “A lot of restaurants want to be able to serve that full menu seven days a week, and so that’s one thing that was creating a hurdle or a barrier for some restaurants to look at Walker county as a market to business in easily, so hopefully this will give them incentives to want to come to Walker County, and as we continue to grow.”

Jennifer McSpadden owns Pie Slingers Pizzeria in Rock Spring.

” It’s going to be incredible. We have a lot of people that come down here for brunch or lunch on Sunday’s and a lot of them want to come and try a beer, and they can’t do it. They get here and some of them turn away and go back to Chattanooga, or go somewhere they can have a beer with their pizza. So, it’ll be huge.”

In Cleveland, voters decided to pass a referendum allowing retail stores to sell liquor.