Mocs Prepare For Home Finale Against Mercer


The Mocs football team has their home and SoCon finale on Saturday.
While the season may not have been quite what Chattanooga wanted, a victory over Mercer will give UTC a winning record in conference play.

Mocs head coach Tom Arth admits it was tough losing by six to Furman last weekend, which may have ended UTC’s dreams of the post-season.
Said Arth:”This morning I woke up. It was really the first time that I’ve felt better, and you have to. You have to be able to move forward.”
The Mocs have three SoCon losses this year, and the largest margin of defeat was eleven points.
Said Arth:”You know somebody once told me yeah you can’t win them all. It’s like well why not? You know like why not? You can’t ever win them all if you don’t think you can never win them all. I think you have to start there. We’ve come along way. We’ve accomplished a lot this season. We’ve had a lot of great moments.”
Arth had another moment on Sunday.
Since President Trump took over McKenzie Arena on Sunday, the coaching staff had to go elsewhere to watch film.
Said Arth:”We moved our operation over to the business school. We had a lot of room. We had a lot of space. We had projectors. Lot of different white boards that we don’t typically have. It was good.”
Reporter:”Sounds like you may go back.”
Laughs Arth:”You know we might. We might. We’ll see how we play this weekend.”(chuckles)
The Mocs hope to play well on Saturday since it’s senior day.
Said senior receiver Bingo Morton:”A lot of the younger guys have been talking about it. Lot of the coaches have been talking about it as well. Like just sending us out on a high note.”
And it’s doubtful UTC will ever have another player named Bingo.
Said Morton:”It’s a name that you really can’t forget.”
Reporter:”Do you play bingo? Do you like bingo?”
Said Morton:”I do like bingo. I kind of feel like every time I play like I’ve got to win just because it’s like (laughter) my game. So I always try to win. Lot of people actually think I’m cheatin’ when I play the game.” (laughter)

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Mercer and Chattanooga kick at 1pm on Saturday at Finley Stadium.