Lupton City residents concerned about former mill site


CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — Lupton City residents are urging Hamilton County and Chattanooga City officials to clear a former mill site.

Neighborhood leaders say in January 2017 Mayor Andy Berke pledged $1.5 million to begin cleanup in July 2017.

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Residents are upset that hasn’t happened yet.

They say the wreckage is harmful to the well-being of the neighborhood and property values.

Neighbors want it cleaned up before it causes more damage.

They want work to begin now or the area to be sold to someone willing to fix the property.

“We are frustrated. We have been lied to. People are angry. There are rodents here. It is devaluing our property,” said Patti Mitchell, a resident.

Justin Holland, the Chattanooga Public Works Administrator, issued the following statement responding to the concerns.

“We understand the mill site remains a blighted area in this neighborhood, and its condition is frustrating to the families who live nearby. Remediating the site is an extremely complex project. As soon as the Chattanooga City Council approved the funding for this project last fall, we began working on a solution to convert this brownfield into a clean and safe greenfield. We continue to pursue these action steps as quickly as we can, and once the competitive bid process is complete and a contractor selected, work is expected to begin on the site as early as March of 2019.”