Students get sick at Central High after ingesting something


7:45 UPDATE: The note sent to parents tonight about the incident at Central High today:

Dear Central Parents and Students,

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An incident occurred at school today involving several students that made some bad choices.  One student brought a marijuana product that was disguised as a fruit snack.  The students who consumed it became ill.  My administrative staff were alerted and we quickly were able to take care of the students involved. 

I am happy to report that all students are ok at this time, but they face serious disciplinary  consequences .  This needs to be a learning experience for our students.  Please talk to your young people about the dangers of ingesting unknown substances and making good choices.

Thank you for your continued support of Central High School.   Also please come out and celebrate Homecoming at our football game Friday night against East Ridge High School beginning at 7:30 pm.

Go Pounders!


Finley King, Principal

Central High School


UPDATE: Chattanooga Police say they are investigating where the substance came from that sickened students at both Central High (today) and Brainerd High (last week). And in fact, they filed charges today against a juvenile accused of distributing the substance.  The juvenile faces four counts of Reckless Endangerment. But police say the substance, itself, still has not been identified.


UPDATE: Central students tell us that they were offered fruit snacks laced with something. School officials now confirm the substance was a gelatin-type candy product that included marijuana in it.


HARRISON, Tennessee (WDEF) – Four students became ill Wednesday morning at Central High School.

Two of them were taken to the hospital for a medical checkup.

The other two were taken by family members for medical evaluation.

School officials say the students confirmed that they had ingested something brought to school.

But officials don’t know what it was at this point.

Hamilton County Sheriff’s deputies were at the school and investigating.

These are the same symptoms that hit students at Brainerd High last week.

The Sheriff’s Office reports they are consulting with the Chattanooga Police Department on the two cases.

Hamilton county